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January 1, 2014 (Vol. 34 , No. 1)

Mass Detector

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The Acquity QDa is designed to generate mass spectral information while providing data quality comparable to that provided by a single-quadrupole mass spectrometer. The Acquity QDa, however, is a mass detector no bigger than a photodiode array (PDA) detector. Besides confirming the identity of compounds with mass spectral information, the Acquity QDa can extend the limits of sample detection for a chromatographic separation by quantifying compounds having no UV response or that are present at levels not detectable and quantifiable by optical detection. The Acquity QDa is compatible with a number of chromatography systems, including systems running Empower 2 & 3 Chromatography Data System software and MassLynx 4.1 software.

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