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January 15, 2014 (Vol. 34 , No. 2)

Kidney Injury Marker ELISA Kit

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Enzo Life Sciences

A human ELISA kit is available with a biomarker of early-stage kidney injury and disease. The biomarker, KIM-1—also known as kidney injury marker 1 or TIM-1—is the most highly upregulated protein in the proximal tubule of the injured kidney. The KIM-1 ELISA kit can enable quantification of KIM-1, detecting as little as 1.2 pg/mL of KIM-1 in human urine while showing low cross-reactivity to similar molecules such as TIM-3 and TIM-4. The kit, which can allow the analysis of up to 38 duplicate samples in less than two hours, is supplied with a protocol, a pre-coated microtiter plate, and liquid color-coded reagents. In addition, the 96-well break-apart strip plate is designed to provide throughput flexibility.

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