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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

96-Well Deep Well Plate

Porvair Sciences

The 96-well deep well plate achieves a storage volume of 1.1mL / well in a height of 27 mm enabling more plates to be stacked or stored in a given space. Manufactured from extractables-free polypropylene in an ISO 10,000 approved cleanroom environment, the low-profile plates undergo exte...

Antibody Purification

Porvair Sciences

BioVyon™ Protein A microplates and columns offer a method for antibody purification. The products recover IgG antibodies that are independent of the flow rate during loading. The purity and recoveries are consistent in multiple extractions using the same column or from column to column. The mini col...

Automated Microplate Drying for Medicinal Chemistry

Porvair Sciences

The Ultravap Mistral blowdown evaporation system can be used to remove the traditional bottleneck of solvent evaporation from microplates. Set-up for unattended operation the Ultravap Mistral performs an evaporation cycle every 20 minutes and after each cycle the level of liquid is check...

Automatic Dry Down Station

Porvair Sciences

A new version of Ultravap Mistral automatic dry down station—the Mistral Ex—is now available. With an adapted sample platform, the automation-friendly Mistral Ex is able to remove solvent from a wide range of sample formats including 24 to 384-well format deep and sha...

Black Storage Plate for Light-Sensitive Samples

Porvair Sciences

These black 96-deep well plates offer a working volume of 1 mL per well, which in conjunction with black sealing films ensure that sensitive assays and samples are not degraded by exposure to light, even over long-term storage periods. Manufactured from polypropylene, the black deep well...

Cell Culture Dishes

Porvair Sciences

This new line of cell culture dishes supports a range of applications and growth of many cell types including primary, stem, neuronal, mesenchymal, hepatocyte, and endothelial cells. Available in a range of sizes and styles, these cell culture dishes are designed for performance and ease-of-use. ...

ChIP Assay Range

Porvair Sciences

Developed in conjunction with the department of life sciences at University of Swansea, U.K., Chromatrap® chromatin immunoprecipitation assay range uses a solid-phase porous polymer functionalized with protein A. Independent tests with Chromatrap demonstrate high levels of DNA pull down, DNA ...

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Technology

Porvair Sciences

Chromatrap®, a new ChIP sequencing assay kit, uses discs of an inert, porous polymer, to which protein A or protein G has been covalently attached, to efficiently capture the target chromatin/antibody complex. Chromatrap utilizes solid-state technology in parallel with high-throu...

Clear Bottom Assay Plates

Porvair Sciences

The Krystal 2000 microplate range has been optimized for luminescence and fluorescence assays. The special design of the plate eliminates well-to-well optical crosstalk inherent with other clear bottomed microplate designs, providing increased accuracy, sensitivity, and repeatability of ...

Disposable Reagent Reservoirs

Porvair Sciences

A range of disposable polystyrene reagent reservoirs is now available. Optional lids help prevent reagent contamination and spillage as well as enable reservoirs to be stacked. There is a choice of different sizes (25–50 mL or 50–100 mL) and formats (eight or 12 channels). Sterile and...