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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

Acoustic Separator

Pall Life Sciences

The Cadence™ Acoustic Separator (CAS) applies acoustic wave separation technology in a novel single-use format for the clarification of cell culture bioprocess fluids. The CAS delivers robust, reliable cell and protein yields in a closed system without centrifugation, while dra...

Affinity Separation Kit

Pall Life Sciences

The Enchant Multi-Protein Affinity Separation Kit uses a protein-based specific capture method to achieve maximal depletion of human serum albumin (HSA) and/or human IgG with minimal loss of other proteins. Depletion of HSA and IgG with this kit is typically greater than 98% and takes approximately ...

Anion Chromatography Sorbent

Pall Life Sciences

The HyperCel™ STAR AX is a high-capacity anion exchange chromatography sorbent designed for high-salt solutions. Users can capture target protein directly from feedstock at conductivities of up to 15 mS/cm—no unit operations of ultrafiltration/difiltration or dilution required. A high...

Automated Bioprocessing System

Pall Life Sciences

The Allegro MVP system is designed to automate multiple single-use processes across a range of upstream and downstream bioprocessing activities. Applications include sterile filtration, bioburden reduction, depth filtration, virus filtration/inactivation, media and buffer preparation, membrane ch...

Bioprocess Capsules

Pall Life Sciences

SUPRAcap™ 50 capsules are designed to help you choose the right process-volume depth filter media. They are scalable to SUPRAcap 100 capsules or SUPRAdisc™ I/SUPRAdisc II depth filter modules and are also available with Seitz® HP sheet media (double-layer), which scales up to SUPR...

Bioprocessing Filtration

Pall Life Sciences

Two new filtration technologies to improve production throughput for protein-based biotech drugs are now available. The Supor® UEKV and Fluorodyne® EX high-flow sterilizing grade cartridge filters are hybrids that offer solutions to processing challenges. Sterilizing-grade filters are utilized throu...

Bioprocessing Workstations

Pall Life Sciences

Allegro™ bioprocessing workstations can help optimize unit operations in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Single-stack and modular multistack configurations are suited to a range of applications where fluid containment and ease of use are paramount, including on-site transport, mat...

Cadence™ Single-Pass TFF Systems Eliminate Conventional TFF Recirculation Loops

Pall Life Sciences

(Sponsored) Single-pass TFF is a breakthrough technology that allows direct flow-through concentration with no recirculation of product. This exciting new technology leads to economic and practical benefits such as increasing yield and achieving high product recovery > 98%, en...

Cell Separation and Purification

Pall Life Sciences

A new benchtop system automates cell separation and protein purification sequences. The PKL Chromatography System automates laboratory chromatography, enabling operations on a 24-hour continuous basis. In addition to improving productivity, it also provides a roadmap for drug production scale-up. Th...

Chromatography Capsules

Pall Life Sciences

Mustang Q XT ion-exchange chromatography capsules are available for process chromatography in a new reusable format. The open-pore structure of Mustang membrane makes these capsules useful for high flow rate contaminant-removal applications and in the capture or removal of large molecules. Mustan...