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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

ChIP in Chip Microarray

Oxford Gene Technology

The Chip2 family of ChIP on chip microarray products has been expanded with the addition of four prokaryote species. These include E. coli 0157, Salmonella typhimurium LT2, S. typhimurium SL1344, and Streptomyces coelicolor. The Chip2 microarrays can be used to identify the binding positions of glob...

CNV Array

Oxford Gene Technology

CytoSure™ ISCA UPD 4 x 180 k array offers the ability to simultaneously detect DNA copy-number variation (CNV) using an aCGH array along with whole-chromosome uniparental disomy (UPD) using SNP probes. The combined ISCA-UPD array has been developed to help ensure near-identical labeling and...

Custom NGS Cancer Panels

Oxford Gene Technology

The SureSeq myPanel™ NGS Custom Cancer Panels provides scientists with completely customized, pre-optimized next-generation sequencing (NGS) probe panels relevant to their research. The comprehensive library of gene content covers key cancer types including, myeloid, chronic ly...

Data Analysis Software

Oxford Gene Technology

CytoSure Interpret Software is a powerful and easy-to-use package for the analysis of aCGH data. Offering a combination of advanced features, including automatic aberration classification, the software allows the choice of standardized or customized user-defined data analysis. CytoSure I...

Developmental Delay Disorder Gene Arrays

Oxford Gene Technology

The CytoSure Constitutional v3 +LOH array is designed for genetic analysis of developmental delay disorders. These markers will be added alongside the latest content for exon-level copy number variation (CNV) coverage, which constitutes research-validated single nucleotide polymorphism (...

DMD Gene Region Analysis

Oxford Gene Technology

CytoSure™ DMD (Duchenne muscular dystrophy) array features dense probe coverage of the DMD gene region, helping to detect deletions and duplications. Average exon probe spacing of 10 bp (106 bp within introns) helps ensure good resolution. The entire DMD gene is covered on a single 44,000 f...

Next-Generation Sequencing Panel

Oxford Gene Technology

The SureSeq™ Myeloid Panel is a highly-sensitive next-generation sequencing (NGS) panel that is able to detect mutational changes in 25 genes in one comprehensive assay. The panel replaces the existing procedure of sequential analysis of single genes, to reduce the time and cos...

Prokaryotic Microarrays

Oxford Gene Technology

Chip2 ChIP (Chromatin Immunoprecipitation) microarray products now include four prokaryotic species, Escherichia coli 0157, Salmonella typhimurium LT2, Salmonella typhimurium SL1344, and Streptomyces coelicolor. Providing the ability to screen whole prokaryotic genomes on one array at high resolutio...

Sarcoma FISH Probes

Oxford Gene Technology

OGT has introduced three new Cytocell Aquarius® fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes for pathology: the FUS Breakapart and FOXO1 Breakapart, both carrying the CE-IVD label—and TFE3 Breakapart, for research use only. Developed in respon...