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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

454 Sequencing Primers

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

(Sponsored) 454 Fusion Primers are required for a number of 454 Sequencing™ applications. These applications include ultradeep, amplicon sequencing for detection of low-frequency mutations and the comprehensive identification and quantification of common and rare sequences ...

Capture Oligonucleotides

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

xGen™ Lockdown™ probes are individually synthesized 60–120 nucleotide 5’-biotinylated capture oligonucleotides designed to enable high-depth sequencing and analysis of specific regions of the genome. xGen Lockdown probes work well for target enrichment and custom panel dev...

Cloning Kit

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

miRCat™ small RNA cloning is based upon the preactivated, adenylated RNA linkering method that has been used successfully in many labs since its development in 2001. This method permits cloning from any RNA source in any species. Material sufficient for ten cloning experiments is provided in the miR...

Dicer-Substrate RNAi Kit

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

The TriFECTa™ Dicer-Substrate RNAi Kit employs 27-mer duplex RNA. At least two of the kit's three Dicer-Substrate RNAi duplexes will deliver a 70% knockdown of the target mRNA when >90% transfection efficiency, and >90% knockdown with positive control is demonstrated. The kit includes three target-s...

Dicer-Substrate siRNAs

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

Dicer-substrate RNAs (DsiRNAs) are chemically synthesized 27-mer duplex RNAs that are processed by Dicer into 21-mer siRNAs. This new design of RNAi duplex can show as much as 10-fold higher potency compared with 21-mer siRNAs at the same site, which is a distinct advantage for in vivo research and ...

Double-Quenched Probes

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

This new double-quenched probe helps increase the accuracy and reliability of 5’ nuclease qPCR experiments. While traditional probes have 20–30 bases between the dye and quencher, this probe design positions an internal ZEN quencher nine bases from the 5’ fluorophore. This short...

Introducing Double-Quenched Probes™ with ZEN™ Internal Quencher

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

(Sponsored) IDT has developed a new internal ZEN quencher that enables the production of double-quenched probes with less background and more signal. The new double-quenched probes are an improvement over traditional dual-labeled probes, and consistently reduced Cq val...

Microarray Detector Oligos

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

The Cy3TM SpotQC Detector Oligo is a dye-labeled oligonucleotide with improved thermodynamics that will hybridize with greater uniformity to the wide variety of sequences employed in large-scale microarrays. The proprietary Cy3TM-detector oligo, when used with the SpotQC Hybridization Buffer, permi...

Online Oligo Tools

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

Oligo design and analysis tools are available via the online SciTools suite (www.idtdna.com/scitools). These software applications determine the properties of any oligo sequence entered, as well as mediate the intelligent design of assay conditions. Th...

PrimeTime™ qPCR Assays

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

(Sponsored) IDT offers PrimeTime Assays designed for 5' Nuclease assays, the gold standard for quantitative gene-expression studies. PrimeTime qPCR Assays are offered in three different sizes to meet any qPCR experimental need. Selection of the dye-quencher combination and primer...