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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

Adhesive Mat

Infors HT

The new Super Sticky Stuff is an improvement on Green Sticky Stuff, an adhesive mat used to replace flask clamps. Like the original, it has its same distinctive color and adhesive properties. The material can be supplied in packages with specific tray sizes in mind or as individual mats for mix-and-...


Infors HT

The Terrafors-IS bioreactor works well for in situ sterilizable, laboratory-scale fermentation of solids and semi-solids. It provides aseptic conditions through automatic steam sterilization of a rotating drum. Maximal working volumes include 3–4 kg of solids, semi-solids, or up to 7 L of l...

Incubation Shaker

Infors HT

Following up on the success of the Multitron incubator shaker, the Minitron has the same characteristics as its big brother, but on a smaller scale. For maximum oxygen transfer and optimal growth, the microbial version comes with a new, extra-strong drive. The Minitron also makes light w...

Multifors Benchtop Fermentor

Infors HT

The Multifors is a benchtop fermentor with removable autoclavable pump heads mounted on a plate. The vessels remain in a holder even in use, and reagent bottles and sample devices can be mounted on the same frame for both autoclaving and operation. The gas supply system is mounted on an open frame a...

Multifunctional Workspace

Infors HT

The Cell Factory allows work with disposable materials for production and processing of cell culture to be done in a compact space in the laboratory. There are three elements to the cell factory that can be mixed and matched as needed by the user: an incubator shaker with CO2 and humid...


Infors HT

The Labfors 5 Lux Flat Panel provides a system for cultures with volumes up to 1.8 L. A total of 260 high-power LEDs offer a reproducible light source that can simulate a daylight curve. Warm white lighting is standard, with different colors available as an option. The maximum irradiation intensi...

Saccharification and Fermentation Bioreactor

Infors HT

The Labfors 5 BioEtOH bioreactor was designed for research and development in the lignocellulosic ethanol production sector. The production of ethanol from lignocellulose-containing raw material is a two-phase process. The Labfors 5 BioEtOH combines both steps in a single system. A second point o...

Self-Cleaning Benchtop Bioreactor

Infors HT

Labfors 5 with LabCIP is a self-cleaning and self-sterilizing benchtop bioreactor. The LabCIP feature cleans and sterilizes the benchtop bioreactor automatically (e.g., overnight). This can reduce the downtime of the bioreactor and increase the time available for research. Applications include hi...

Solid Fermentor

Infors HT

Terrafors, a solid fermentor, enables safe, efficient process development studies for biodegradation and bioremediation. It permits the creation of a controlled environment, which can be used for selection and cultivation of specialized communities of microbes appropriate to specific applications in...

Temperature-controlled Shaker

Infors HT

The Ecotron is designed for temperature-controlled shaking. The penta-drive balances the load dynamically and allows quiet operation. The speed control covers a range up to 500 rpm. It also has thermal insulation to keep temperature distribution even. The LED’s on the splash-proof operating panel sh...