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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

Diffraction-Based Screening


The Topaz 1.96 diffraction-capable chip allows hands-off diffraction-based screening. With this chip, researchers can screen for protein crystals and then immediately expose their targets to an x-ray source directly through the chip. The chip materials and dimensions have been chosen so that it c...

Gene Expression Analysis


The BioMark™ dynamic array is a new platform for gene-expression analysis that runs gold standard TaqMan® assays on nanofluidic chips. The BioMark system delivers higher throughput than 384-microwell plate systems at reduced running costs. BioMark dynamic arrays provide six-fold higher throughput—o...

Integrated Fluidic Circuit


The Access Array is an integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) specifically designed to support high-throughput resequencing, targeted enrichment, sample bar-coding, and library preparation for sequencing using amplicon tagging. The Access Array features the ability to harvest the sample out of the chip...

Mass Cytometry System


HeliosTM is a CyTOF® platform that enables system-level biology at single-cell resolution, on an accessible, expandable system. The Helios platform delivers new features that advance the core CyTOF technology, intended to bring enhanced performance and conv...

mRNA Sequencing


The C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep system now features an mRNA sequencing application that can give researchers an end-to-end workflow for transcriptome analysis of 96 single cells. mRNA Seq kits and integrated fluidic circuits enable the parallel processing of up to 96 single-cell cDNA libr...

Real-Time PCR System


The BioMark™ Real-Time PCR System for high-throughput genetic analysis performs on-board thermal cycling and fluorescence detection. The Biomark system integrates thermal cycling and detection of PCR assays. It acquires data for each reaction chamber of the integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) chip simu...

SNP Genotyping and Digital PCR


The EP1 system is for high-throughput SNP genotyping and digital PCR. EP1 combines the efficiencies of integrated fluidic circuit (IFC)-based genotyping in a desktop-sized configuration. The EP1 system, which includes the IFC Controller, Stand-Alone Thermal Cycler, and End Point Reader, provides ove...