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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

2,000 L Single-Use Bioreactor

EMD Millipore

The Mobius® 2000 liter single-use bioreactor incorporates design features that enable users to easily optimize their upstream process such as configurable software, hardware, and single-use Flexware® assemblies for suspension and adherent cell culture applications. The ne...

200 L Single-Use Bioreactor

EMD Millipore

The Mobius® CellReady Bioreactor portfolio has been expanded with the launch of a 200 L single-use stirred tank bioreactor for pilot- and clinical-scale mammalian cell culture. The Mobius CellReady 200 L bioreactor integrates a number of features intended to promote ease of use, reliability, ...

50 L Single-Use Bioreactor

EMD Millipore

The Mobius® CellReady 50 L single-use stirred tank bioreactor is designed for process development and pilot-scale mammalian cell culture. Mobius SensorReady technology offers flexibility to configure process monitoring at the point of use, reducing the need to customize bioreactor process con...

Analytical Software

EMD Millipore

Milliplex® Analyst 5.1, developed by VigeneTech, is designed for analysis and interpretation of Luminex® bead-based assay results. It includes features such as autofit and potency calculation and offers data reduction analytics. Its algorithms can yield data at the low- and high-end of th...

Assays for Stem Cell Protein Markers

EMD Millipore

The Milliplex® MAP human stem cell pluripotency magnetic bead kits enable the analysis of many different pluripotency biomarkers in a single measurement. The kits examine protein biomarkers that indicate the potency of stem cells, enabling pluripotent stem cells to be distinguished from multi...

Benchtop Flow Cytometer

EMD Millipore

The guava easyCyte™ 12, a flow cytometry system that uses three excitation lasers, can provide 12 simultaneous detection parameters (including 10 fluorescent colors) while consuming less sample and generating less waste. The system also features forward and side scatter for size and granula...

Bisulfite Conversion Kit

EMD Millipore

Bisulfite conversion is an important first step in mapping the differences in genomic DNA methylation patterns, and a new kit for bisulfite conversion is now available. The new CpGenome™ Turbo kit converts unmethylated cytosines to uracil in 90 minutes.
The kit features a conversion r...

Cell Analyzer

EMD Millipore

The Muse™ Cell Analyzer assesses cell viability, apoptosis, and the way users analyze cells. The Muse Cell Analyzer’s miniaturized optics, touchscreen operation, and quick sample cell cycle help users make faster, more accurate decisions about experiments for more productive research....

Cellular Reprogramming

EMD Millipore

Simplicon™ RNA reprogramming technology is designed to use synthetic self-replicating RNA to create large numbers of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) using a single transfection step. The reprogramming of somatic cells can be accomplished without viral intermediates...

Chemically Defined Cell Culture Medium

EMD Millipore

Cellvento™ CHO-200 medium and complementary feeds are designed for fed-batch processes using CHO-S cell types expressing monoclonal antibodies. The formulation is meant to support high cell density growth and extended culture duration as well as long duration of high cell viability. The med...