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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

Gene-expression Software


The ArrayStar v2.0, software for microarray gene-expression analysis, focuses on providing users with visualization and statistical analysis tools to track changes in gene-expression levels and the association of genes during experimental research. It has the ability to work with microarrays from a ...

Gene-Visualization Software


GenVision v2.0 is an upgraded version of gene-visualization software that includes expanded capabilities for creating publication-quality images depicting large quantities of genomic information. The desktop software is designed to work with Lasergene software to permit the flow of larger datasets a...

Genome Assembly Software


SeqMan NGen® 3 software can assemble a human genome at a normal depth of coverage on a desktop computer in less than a day. SeqMan NGen assembles data from all next-generation sequencing technologies and is positioned to use third-generation technologies as well. The product includes a graphi...

Genome-Assembly Software


SeqMan Genome Assembler (SMGA) is a software tool that permits the assembly of fragment data sequenced using 454®, Ilumina®, and traditional Sanger technologies. It integrates this expanded assembly capability with the Lasergene suite of sequence analysis software, allowing users to perform assembli...

Microarray and Next-Gen Sequencing Software


ArrayStar 4, including QSeq, is an updated microarray and next-gen sequencing technology software suite.  The newly released software includes enhancements to the software’s previously released RNA-Seq capabilities and introduces ChIP-Seq data alignment and analysis. ArrayStar 4 and QS...

Next-Generation Sequencing Software


Lasergene 12.2 offers improvements in the accuracy of next-generation sequence assembly and variant calling. The software can help you more efficiently and effectively assemble and analyze NGS data by decreasing noise in detecting rare somatic variations and offering improved handling of...

Protein Analysis Software


An upgrade to the Lasergene sequence analysis software package is now available. Lasergene 7 expands the product’s broad functionality by introducing automated virtual cloning, enhanced SNP discovery, primer walking, and bootstrapping. These new capabilities enhance researchers’ effectiveness and ef...

Sequence Analysis Software


Lasergene 10 is a Sanger and next-generation sequence analysis and assembly software upgrade with new features to its desktop software suite for molecular biologists. Among other changes, Lasergene 10 introduces SeqNinja, a tool for manipulating and modifying large or complex sets of genomic data...