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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

Applied Photophysics

Chirascan™-plus automated circular dichroism (ACD) spectrometer enables analysis combining simultaneous circular dichroism, absorbance, and fluorescence detection. The new Chirascan-plus ACD can be used in a range of applications including biocomparability, forced protein degradation, prote...

Mapping Protein Conformational Stability Using Automated CD

Applied Photophysics

Automated measurement of protein conformation is now possible with Chirascan™-auto from Applied Photophysics. 200 samples can be analysed unattended per day and quantitative results obtained. Excellent reproducibility and economical sample consumption considerably improves producti...

Multimode Spectroscopy

Applied Photophysics

Chirascan-plus and the new technique of dynamic multimode spectroscopy have been used in a pharmaceutical biotherapeutic development program where, for the first time, optimization of protein formulation for both structural integrity and thermodynamic stability has been demonstrated in a single expe...