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Whether you are searching for a DNA purification kit or outfitting a cGMP facility, GEN’s comprehensive new product database is your first and only stop. Conveniently categorized and searchable, the database covers the latest innovations from industry-leading suppliers.

Bio Spectrophotometer

Analytik Jena

ScanDrop combines the measurement of microliter volumes down to 0.3 µL with a standard measuring position for 10 mm cuvettes. This feature offers a versatile instrument for daily routine. The modular system is either available as a single microliter instrument, as a standard 10 mm position instrumen...

Enrichment Kit for Cell-Free, Circulating DNA

Analytik Jena

A kit to enrich and isolate free-circulating DNA has become available. It is based on polymer-mediated enrichment (PME) technology, which can overcome a key difficulty—the need for large sample volumes and large quantities of reagents. This difficulty arises because free-circulating DNA occ...

Liquid-Handling Software

Analytik Jena

CyBio® Overture offers a protocol designer with an intuitive user interface, based on a detailed representation of the liquid-handling robot and all of the required sample carriers and accessories. The software controls functions including laboratory and eq...

qPCR Thermocycler

Analytik Jena

The qTOWER³ real-time PCR thermal cycler contains a patented fiber optic shuttle system with unique light source powered by 4 high-performance LED’s creating an ideal excitation and detection of known fluorescent dyes up to the dark red. In addition, the system&rsq...

Small-Scale Benchtop Liquid Handler

Analytik Jena

The GeneTheatre is a liquid-handling platform with one or eight channels in the volume range from 0.5 to 1,000 µL. In addition to microplate handling on 12 freely selectable deck positions, GeneTheatre enables the use of reservoirs, strips, single vessels, and glass slides. Thr...

Thermal Cycler

Analytik Jena

The second-generation SpeedCycler2 involves high heating and cooling rates of up to 15°C/sec and 10°C/sec, respectively. For the SpeedCycler2, various interchangeable blocks are available. Both, Standard-Profile-Rapid blocks as well as the Low-Profile-Rapid blocks are applicable. The system is i...