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June 15, 2011 (Vol. 31 , No. 12)

2-D Technology for HPLC System

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The Acquity UPLC System with 2-D Technology has been added to the family of Acquity UPLC systems. Designed for chromatographers, the 2-D Technology gives separations scientists added resolving power, particularly for samples that are hard to resolve by conventional means, while offering greater sensitivity and selectivity. The system also provides researchers capability for trapping, heart cutting, and parallel column regeneration to eliminate matrix effects while helping to increase overall speed of analysis and enhance assay ruggedness. The Acquity UPLC System with 2-D Technology features MassLynx Software for operational control and data management. It is a compatible front-end to Synapt® and Xevo® brand mass spectrometers and quadrupole mass detectors.

  • Waters
  • 34 Maple Street
  • Milford AL, 01757

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