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  • Secrecy Surrounds the Development of Tests to Detect Doping
    Therapeutic firms stress the need for a proactive approach against athletes who misuse drugs.
  • Know Your Enzyme Forms
    Study demonstrates using an uncompetitive inhibitor as a probe to monitor the conformational change induced by compound binding with an HTRF assay.
  • A SPA for PMTs
    Researchers propose a SPA strategy that can be successfully implemented to identify novel and specific inhibitors of PMTs.
  • Olympic Anti-Doping Goes for Gold
    Mass spec and imaging are among the tools antidrug testers use to catch up with the cheaters.
  • LAVAgel for Protein Diagnostics
    Researchers introduce a microfluidic, single-channel, multistage immunoblotting strategy toward scalable protein isoform analysis.
  • Accessible TALENs
    The FLASH system is a rapid and cost-effective method for large-scale assembly of transcription activator-like effector nucleases.
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