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BLOG biotech : Sep 18, 2008

Making New York City a Bio-Mecca

  • John Sterling
New York City boasts more than a dozen world-class research institutions and has been home to Wall Street since Colonial times. It provides an aggregation of scientific, clinical, and entrepreneurial talent, along with investment capital and a range of professional services focused on bioscience. New York City, which is home to 125 life science companies, also offers access to the East Coast pharmaceutical corridor.

Yet, New York is not mentioned in the same breath as San Francisco and Boston, long known for their pioneering biotech efforts and the presence of significant life science communities. How come?

During this week's podcast, Lenzie Harcum from the New York City Economic Development Corporation, and Bill Fair from Alexandria Real Estate Equities, explain why the city is not generally viewed as a major life science cluster. They also discuss initiatives the city is taking to raise awareness about New York's bioscience infrastructure and capabilities. In addition, Harcum and Fair describe the ongoing development of the East River Science Park and the Brooklyn Army Terminal as advanced biotech research centers.

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