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GEN News Highlights : Nov 29, 2006

China Biopharma and HYTE Research Partner to Improve Human Vaccines

Nano-Poly Enhancement method could replace adjuvants.

China Biopharma and HYTE Research will jointly develop and commercialize Nano-Poly Enhancement technology for improving the effectiveness and reducing the side effects of human vaccines, according to a letter of intent (LOI).

The resulting technology will combine with current vaccines to achieve the immune-enhancing properties of surface antigen. Due to its superior field efficacy, this technology may be used to replace commonly used chemical adjuvants, the companies explain.

"Most of the vaccines produced in China do not use an adjuvant to improve the protective antibody responses after immunization,” states China Biopharma CEO, Peter Wang. “Our technology partnership with HYTE Research is very exciting as it would create a potentially disruptive technology in the Chinese immunization market. We believe this technology could lead to wide commercial applications in the global human vaccine industry."

China Biopharma will utilize its existing platforms to conduct the development and commercialization of the new technology. According to the LOI, it will hold 55% of the intellectual property rights on the technology.