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GEN News Highlights : Nov 22, 2006

PetScreen Launches Canine Lymphoma Screening Test

The test will be complimented with a treatment optimization program.

PetScreen announced a screening and treatment optimization program for canine lymphoma. Canine lymphoma is one of the most prolific cancers in the dog population, accounting for over 20% of all cancers in dogs.

The screen is minimally invasive and relies on a small blood sample, which can be taken by any vet and then shipped directly to PetScreen's laboratories.

PetScreen has developed the screen based on proteomic technology that has emerged from the sequencing of both the human and canine genomes. By looking for a "protein fingerprint" in the blood sample, the PetScreen proteomic screen enables detection of a tumor and indicates if the dog is free of lymphoma.

One in four dogs will develop cancer in their lifetime. Therefore, to complement the screening technology, PetScreen developed a treatment optimization program, which helps vets select the most appropriate chemotherapy treatment for each patient.