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GEN News Highlights : Nov 21, 2006

Bruker Daltonics and HealthLinx Expand Biomarker Discovery Effort

Test for pregnancy complications under development.

HealthLinx signed a joint agreement with Bruker Daltonics to further develop biomarkers that have been discovered under an existing collaboration between the two life science companies. These biomarkers are candidates for a number of pregnancy complications based on  research using Bruker Daltonics’ ClinProt™ platform.

Under the new agreement, Bruker Daltonics and HealthLinx will file a joint PCT patent application and share costs associated with the patent and development of the biomarkers. The patent will focus on the use of the biomarkers as a diagnostic test for the detection of complications of pregnancy.

It is envisaged that the test will be a blood test performed at the first antenatal visit and/or subsequently during pregnancy. The test will seek to diagnose women with a predisposition to a number of complications in pregnancy including pre-eclampsia, pre-term labor, miscarriage and gestational diabetes.

Under the agreement, Bruker Daltonics will retain marketing rights for the test in Europe, U.K., Africa, and South America, while HealthLinx will retain marketing rights in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. The two companies will jointly market the test in the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, the two companies will work together to complete the Phase II trial for the ClinProt-based test. HealthLinx will retain world-wide exclusivity for any ELISA/Multiplex based test that may be developed in the future.