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GEN News Highlights : Oct 2, 2006

Marine Organism-Derived Protein Drug Candidate against MRSA under Development

Eden Biodesign and Aquapharm BioDiscovery join forces.
Eden Biodesign will develop Aquapharm BioDiscovery’s AQP001, a natural marine product that it identified as a potential antibacterial against bacteria-resistant antibiotics, including MRSA. “To our knowledge, this is the first instance of a protein pharmaceutical derived from a marine organism entering commercial development,” comments Crawford Brown, CEO of Eden Biodesign.

Eden Biodesign will assist Aquapharm BioDiscovery in large-scale, standardized production of AQP001 to continue testing and clinical development of this therapeutic. The National Biomanufacturing Centre, where the development work will be carried out, awarded Aquapharm Biodiscovery a grant.