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GEN News Highlights : Sep 21, 2006

Chromos and Y’s Therapeutics Sign Agreement on Cell Line Engineering

Chromos Molecular Systems OK’d a cell line engineering service agreement with Y’s Therapeutics to develop a cell line using Chromos’ ACE System for potential use in the clinical and commercial manufacture of a therapeutic protein candidate.

Chromos will engineer cell lines specific for the expression of a recombinant protein of Y’s using the ACE System. Y’s Therapeutics has the option to use the cell lines for scaleup and manufacture of the protein product under agreed license terms, following the cell line engineering phase of the agreement.

The ACE System is a chromosome-based gene delivery and expression platform. It is designed to allow genetic engineering of production cell lines with multiple genes to ensure correct post-translational modification of the product and/or improve the cell line’s performance in a bioreactor, thus reducing the cost of production of the therapeutic protein product, explains a Chromos spokesperson.