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GEN News Highlights : Oct 5, 2010

Evotec and Argenta Sign New Drug Discovery Deals with Shionogi and Janssen

Companies will provide their new partners with expertise for multiple projects.

German firm Evotec and U.K.-based Argenta Discovery separately reported signing drug discovery agreements with new partners. Evotec is teaming up with Shionogi to identify small molecule modulators of various protein-protein interaction targets. The Galapagos subsidiary, Argenta, inked a cancer-focused drug discovery services agreement with Janssen Pharmaceutica.

The deal between Shionogi and Evotec will see the latter apply its EVOlution™ fragment-based discovery platform to investigate protein-protein interactions on targets selected by Shionogi. The initially five-year deal between Argenta and Janssen could be worth over €33.5 million (about $45 million) to parent firm Galapagos. Under the terms of this deal, Argenta will provide medicinal chemistry and biology services for a number of Janssen’s oncology targets, along with hit-to-lead and lead-optimization activities and additional drug discovery work up to preclinical candidate selection. Janssen also retains the option to extend the partnership up to a total of 15 targets.