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Insight & Intelligence™ : Jul 16, 2014

Personalized Medicine Market Trends, Part I

This first of two back-to-back GEN reports tells you what's trending in this expanding space.
  • Enal Razvi

This GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is the first of two reports designed to frame some of the market trends operative in the personalized medicine field.

Highlights of this report:

  • We have utilized primary and secondary market research to characterize the expanding personalized medicine space.
  • Cancer personalized medicine dominates the space currently, but other disease classes such as infectious disease, cardiovascular, and CNS diseases are making inroads.
  • Currently the top biomarker class is based on protein expression patterns; this includes immunoassays and other protein analyte characterization methodologies.
  • We believe that over time the field will expand to include other biomarker classes—both tissue-based biomarkers as well as circulating biomarkers.