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Insight & Intelligence™ : Mar 19, 2014

DNA Methylations and Histone Modifications: Links to Diseases

Find out which associations are moving forward in research.
  • Enal Razvi

The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is to present some of our recent industry tracking of the various DNA methylations and histone modifications documented in specific disease states.

Highlights of this report:

  • Specific examples of documented DNA methylations and histone modifications of specific genes are emerging.
  • Many of these modifications are being validated and evaluated for clinical utility.
  • These modifications of specific genes are demonstrated in various cancer classes, but also in diseases beyond oncology—hence, the reach of methylations and histone modifications appears to scale across many disease areas, thereby increasing their potential utility.
  • We have also characterized the sample types where these modifications are being tested, offering a glimpse into potential clinical implementations as well as sample preparation market opportunities to companies operating in these spaces.