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Insight & Intelligence™ : Feb 6, 2014

Mass Spec Sample Prep and Multiplexing Trends

A number of methodologies are being developed that you need to watch.
  • Enal Razvi

The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is our continuing coverage of the mass spectrometry space as it's translating from research to clinic, the third report in a series focused on mass spectrometry and its clinical deployment that also includes "Mass Spec Market Snapshot" and "Laboratory-Developed Tests Based on Mass Spec". Highlights:

  • Overall theme: trends in sample preparation and multiplexing in mass spectrometry.
  • As mass spectrometry translates from research to clinic, a number of methodologies for front-end sample preparation are being developed. This report provides a snapshot of these efforts.
  • Multiplexed mass spectrometry as a means to detect multiple analytes simultaneously is a space which we continue to characterize—presented here are some methodologies that are being developed with an emphasis towards clinical utilization (for example, for the detection of pathogens).
  • These efforts en bloc suggest a definite translation of this discipline toward the clinic.