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Insight & Intelligence™ : Jan 30, 2014

Laboratory-Developed Tests Based on Mass Spec

In the realm of diagnostic tests, MS is making an impact.
  • Enal Razvi

The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is our continuing coverage of the mass spectrometry space as it's translating from research to clinic.

Highlights of this report:

  • Mass spectrometry is making an impact in the clinic in the realm of diagnostic tests.
  • A number of laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) based on mass spectrometry have been developed and commercialized.
  • A wide swath of disease classes is addressed by these tests, which is encouraging as it suggests the deepening impact of mass spectrometry in the clinic arena.
  • We expect a growing number of bona fide diagnostics based on mass spectrometry going forward across a wide range of diseases/therapeutic indications.

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