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Insight & Intelligence™ : Dec 27, 2013

China’s In Vitro Diagnostics Marketplace, Part I

Although China has a vibrant domestic CLIA sector, the country’s MDx market is expanding rapidly and opportunities abound.
  • Enal Razvi

This GEN Report Provides a Snapshot of the China In vitro Diagnostics Marketplace based on Primary Market Analysis

  • Infectious Disease Testing Contributes to the Bulk of this Space Currently—with Few Disease Classes Dominating Revenue Generation Today
  • The Field is Fragmented with Thousands of End-User Laboratories where Testing is Performed
  • Both Local as well as Multinational Companies are Active in this Marketplace
  • Oncology Testing Represents a Future Growth Opportunity for this Marketplace and Offers Entry Opportunity to Technology Providers to Establish Partnerships with Local Companies to Participate in this Growth

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