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Insight & Intelligence™ : Nov 6, 2013

Stem Cell Market: A Rapidly Expanding Field Ripe with Opportunities

This report based on a bottom-up industry analysis frames some of the metrics characterizing the stem cells marketplace.
  • Enal Razvi
  • ,
  • Gary Oosta

The focus of this GEN Market & Tech analysis report is to characterize the stem cells marketplace based on the following classes of data, which we have been collecting as part of our industry analysis of this field:

  • Industry SWOT
  • Primary market data of markers used to characterize different cellular classes
  • Publications landscape

Taken together, these data provide a backdrop for understanding the stem cells marketplace as it exists today.

Highlights of this report:

  • This report from GEN and Select Biosciences frames some of the metrics characterizing the stem cells marketplace based on a bottom-up industry analysis.
  • The field is expanding and currently boasts north of $1 billion in product sales on a double-digit growth trajectory.
  • Both product and service models currently exist, and we expect this breakout to continue forward over the coming decade.
  • There are both autologous and allogeneic models that currently exist depending on disease class, type of cells utilized, route of administration, and ex vivo processing methodology.
  • From a product vendor perspective, the space is highly fragmented with a large number of companies in each market segment, and this space is therefore ripe for consolidation.

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