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Insight & Intelligence™ : Aug 28, 2013

Eye on Cancer Biomarkers

This insightful analysis of publications shows research trends and putative signatures for different cancer types.
  • Enal Razvi
  • ,
  • Gary Oosta

Our goal for this analysis was to ask questions such as:

  • What is the growth rate of publications focused on specific cancer or biomarker classes?
  • How are selected cancer types associated with each other?
  • Which molecular entities are “associated” with specific disease types?
  • Which combination[s] of molecular entities can provide a unique signature for specific disease types?
    • Can the publications dataset predict which signatures are most promising as biomarkers?

In order to answer the questions, we first…

  • built a broad database of cancer biomarker publications using PubMed data, and then
  • categorized and segmented the database into 36 cancer types and 441 molecular entities.

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