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Insight & Intelligence™ : Jul 16, 2013

Eye on Single-Cell Analysis

This in-depth look at single-cell analysis focuses on circulating tumor cell analysis and utility as a paradigm for the SCA space.
  • Enal Razvi

The focus of this BioMarket Trends Report is the expanding field of single-cell analysis (SCA), which is a broad and amorphous space. The space is composed of technologies on the “front end” for capturing the relevant cellular [sub]-populations and technologies on the “back end” for interrogating the captured cellular [sub]-populations such as for gene expression patterns, epigenetic alterations, proteomic profiles, and metabolite profiles.

There are several segments that together constitute the SCA marketplace—many of which are relatively undeveloped and somewhat undefined as a segment per se. In this first of several reports on SCA, we focus on circulating tumor cells (CTCs) analysis and utility as a paradigm for the SCA space.

This BioMarket Trends Report on CTC SCA focuses on the qualitative and quantitative trends in this marketplace and alludes to their potential utility as circulating biomarkers.

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