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Insight & Intelligence™ : Mar 12, 2013

Top 20 Biopharma R&D Spenders

Which companies have the deepest pockets for research and development?
  • Alex Philippidis

When it comes to research and development, you've got to give to get. Whether or not you actually get what you pay for is a matter of debate, but generally the biopharma companies that spend the most on R&D will be the ones to watch the most closely in the future for new developments. You've seen the top 10 pharma firms and the top 25 biotech companies: are any of the companies on those lists among the biggest R&D spenders?

To the right is GEN's list of top 20 biopharmas ranked by their R&D spending for 2012. Listings include R&D spending for 2012 and 2011, the percentage difference between the two years, the percentage of sales for both years, and 2008 R&D spending and percentage of sales. Figures were disclosed by the companies in annual reports, and quarterly results press releases. Where applicable, figures were converted to U.S. dollars from other currencies.