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The Obesity Epidemic - It's Your Fault (and yours, and yours...)

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Posted by: Process Engineer


People do not exercise enough. And I include myself in this group. If we were to work out every day, we'd all be better off. And we'd be able to eat a few treats.

Posted by: Regulation


I know this is a bad word today, but the answer is simple - Regulation. It is quite clear that consumers are not educated and have become less so as the food industry has strengthened its grip on culture. When an entity like the food industry harms public health, the answer is for the government to regulate it more strongly. Advertisements and their targeting (junk food for kids, for example) can and should be regulated by the FCC. We are at the same place today we were at with cigarettes 40 years ago. The government needs to clean up this mess. If it doesn't, the situation will only continue to deteriorate.

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