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Obama's Bioethics Commission - We Still Need Philosophical Debate

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Posted by: Moral


Here, here. The term 'moral' is one of the most misused words in the English language. Consider for example the term 'moral war' or the claims of morality with respect to death with dignity. The word 'moral' is a club with a tremendous amount of clout, but it has lost its meaning in our society.

Posted by: Ethicist


I think Mr. Furton misses the point in a big way. With respect to ethics, there is no "conservative" or "liberal". This thinking is the very thing that has divided this country to the point it is today. What's right/wrong has nothing to do with politics and the sooner people realize that, the better.

I agree mostly with Dr. Tan, but think her concerns are, indeed, mostly semantic. The word "moral" has been politicized and I believe that is the reason for the removal of the paragraph she cites.

Posted by: Ethicist


President Obama's Commission will not come close to matching the ideological diversity that the Bush Council had. The previous administration had a very good mix of liberal and conservative thinkers, but it is an easy prediction that Obama's nominees will fall uniformly on the left to far left of the scale. This will be presented to the public as a "balanced panel" that will likely rubber-stamp the views of the most utilitarian members of the scientific community.

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