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Needed—One Giant Leap for Science Education

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Posted by: Is it fun?


The trendy analysis of scientific ability of young Americans says that science must first be "Fun".

Science is anything but fun for real students. It is difficult, demanding, non-political, and downright painful.

Science does not include feelings, opinions, politics, beliefs, or other subjective characteristics that we all have. Or, at least it MUSTN'T include those.

For American primary, middle-school, and high school students who are constantly told: "You did great!!" for a really mediocre performance, it's no wonder that the typical American student doesn't make the cut.

The foreign student who naturally doesn't buy into the "You did great!!" phoniness, takes the employment place of the American student in the competition for jobs.

Posted by: Learning & Performance Manager


So who is responsible for motivating and inspiring youth in America?

All of the above....

Posted by: Director of Education


I too agree with Joe. The future depends on science, though I am biased.

I find the comment made by Jim Fuhring interesting as well. I fell in love with Science as a 7 year old when a relative shared her science project in Chicken development with me. I knew then that I wanted to be a scientist and never looked back. The younger and perhaps more open minds of grammar school children are perhaps the most fertile ground to sow the seeds of interest in the sciences. I wonder if a study has ever been done associating age with a commitment to career in science.

Posted by: Information Systems Manager


I totally agree with Joe that more needs to be done. I think it has to happen sooner than high school though. How about grammer school? I remember, as a kid, going to Disneyland and seeing “Journey through Inner Space” It was so facsinating to me that it really interested me in science and biology. I was 8.

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