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Mandated HPV Vaccines? Why Not?

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Posted by: J.C. Nielson


I see only one intelligent thing on this page and it is Dr. Tan's
article. The paranoia over vaccines has got to stop. Without vaccines,
we would never have eliminated smallpox. We would never have nearly
eliminated polio. There is a bizarre group of misinformed people out
there who spread tremendous amounts of disinformation about vaccines out
there. Dr. Tan's article is a great step in the right direction.
Hooray Taralyn!

Posted by: I guess you don't care...about reading actual reports pt 2


Lastly, it may be pointed out that there are deaths being reported as a side effect, and on the surface that actually does sound quite serious. I bet you, though, If I polled a large cohort of people who just ate a sandwich, I could find a decent number who had a heart attack right after. In other news: sandwiches cause heart attacks! Apparently “when Gardasil was being tested in the U.S. before being licensed, 10 individuals who were in the group that received the vaccine died”…but wait…”seven in the placebo group died”. Apparently placebos are dangerous too...
It sounds to me like rarities such Guillain-Barré syndrome are being blamed specifically on Gardasil, alone, probably as a result of earlier hostility against the idea of vaccinating girls against an STD (“of course my children aren’t having sex!”). Combined this with parents looking to find a direct cause for the tragedy of child mortality and you have a case against Gardasil that has been blown WAAAAAAYY out of proportion.

Posted by: I gues you don't care...


About Gardisil killing little girls? And the fact that the vast majority of cervical cancer is detectable and treatable with a routine Pap smear? And the fact that the "numbers" of all the horrible cervical cancer deaths take into account women in third world countries with no medical care, and people in this country who do not seek preventative care (pap smear) anyways?

It's all "paranoia" until it happens to your child. Then, it's not so funny. Ask the parents of all the dead and paralyzed little girls in Maine how funny their "paranoia" of vaccine is.

Posted by: So. . . .


What is this place -- exactly? Is it just a place where any undergrad biochem major (like Ms. Tan, late of Oregon State) may post an "article"?

Shouldn't it matter that the bills she mentions are very-likely unconstitutional, on their face?

Shouldn't it matter that FDA is conducting a Phase IV safety review, on Gardasil, as I write this (directly contrary to Ms. Tan's assertion of mere "paranoia")?

Hopefully the readership generated by Google placements (is this site astro-turfed?) will be better informed than at least some of the "opinionators" -- who seem to bloviate, here.


N.B. -- A quick review turns up Ms. Tan's views on social media use by pharma -- on that topic, we actually might find some common ground.

Posted by: dont want to get HVP


Then put on a condom on . The vaccine only protects angainst 2 types of a virus that has many types . We need to stop over vaccinating our kids

Posted by: Apparently you are not aware the FDA....


is currently holding a separate review of gardasil and cervarix safety....http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/147062

this isn't 'vaccine superstition'. These are older, completely articulate girls and their families that can attest to a life 'before' and 'after' vaccination. And the ones who are still alive, have nothing good to say about life 'after' their HPV vaccination. Docs, pharma, scientists etc..can keep burying their heads in the sand regarding adverse vaccine reactions, but the exploding schedule (and with it, exploding vaccine reactions) are reaching a critical mass amoung parents.

Posted by: Mandated HPV Vaccines? Why Not?


If Gardasil has been so well studied, why are so many girls getting sick from it and why does Merck keep changing the side effect information.

For information about the victims of this horrible vaccine, Go to WWW.TRUTHABOUTGARDASIL.ORG.

Gardasil disabled my 12 year old daughter. This is a girl with NO previous illnesses. There has definately not been enough research on this vaccine and I believe it will be pulled from the market similar to how Merck's VIOXX was a few years ago.

Investigate before you vaccinate. The life you save may be your child's.

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