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It’s the process, stupid. Biofuels from microalgae are not yet sustainable.

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Posted by: How much is a barrel of petro-crude?


As petroleum prices will ultimately rise due to the limited "supply" and increasing difficulty in extraction, biofuels such as algae derived oils will become more competitive.

Posted by: Lawyer Marketing


discuss the energy required for harvesting: regularise presumptuous that the algae could be sedimented spontaneously or by adding flocculants and thusly be enriched by a integer of 10, it relic obligatory to promote centre the remaining volume before drying.
Lawyer Marketing

Posted by: 100 acre challenge


The National Algae Association recently challenged the algae industry to build the first 100 acre production plant in the US.

Posted by: Its the process, stupid


I agree algal fuel is not profitable if the algae must first be dried for processing. However I thought Originoil patented a method of breaking down cell walls of algae to release the oil,no drying necessary. Has this algal fuel critic examined Originoil's methods?

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