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Has a new day dawned for medicinal cannabis?

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Posted by: MMJ


i am currently a medical marijuana patient in colorado. we are really having a hard time out here between getting the medicine and the cost. On top of that the law makers out here want to make it even harder to obtain usable medicine. I believe that it would benefit everyone if the goverment could regulate medical marijuana in a fair and just way for all but everyone knows thats just not how americans handle things :(

Posted by: Medical


This is a good post.It is really good to know about AMA’s recommendation about research.You have very well written about pharmaceutical companies.Thank you very much for sharing all this information with us.


Posted by: The Taskin study


Dr.Donald Tashkin in 2005 at UCLA concluded that people who smoke marijuana are less likely to get cancer than people who do not smoke anything at all.

I do not call that toxic.

Posted by: re-legalize now


It is way past time to re-legalize. There is not one logical argument to support the criminalization of this plant.

Posted by: Drug Companies' Next Strategy


This is exactly why some suspect the AMA had ulterior motives when it moved for reclassification:

"While we rejoice that the AMA reversed its position and urged the rescheduling of cannabis, keep your mind focused on why they might have done that. Is it the pure altruism of realizing a mistake and returning to a rational scientific approach to cannabis moderated by compassion for suffering people and the benefit herbal cannabis would provide?

Or is it the realization that the people are crusading for legal marijuana and succeeding, and if herbal cannabis becomes truly legal their friends in the pharmaceutical industry lose all the profits off of cannabinoid pills, sprays, and inhalers to the ultimate “less expensive generic”?"


Posted by: Hiii


Why did the Shrub admin. take out a patent on cannabinoids?

Why do human beings have cannabinoid receptors in our brains?

How do you like living in a plutocracy?

How often do you think,for yourselves?

Posted by: medical student


It doesn't have to be either/or. You can have "both/and". There will always be a need for a medical market.

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