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GSK's "Unselfish" Documentary Finances

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Posted by: ammes saanse


Sorry but I do not find this ethical at all. GCS( Avandia) Diabetes and Obesity drug still leaves a bad taste in many peoples mouth.
A documentary by a Drug company should be legal. It is a 1 hour commercial for the drug maker

Posted by: Conflict of interest


First, let me say that I agree with Dr. Tan, however, I'd also like to examine this from another perspective. Isn't any advertisement a conflict of sorts? GSK is not going to support, via advertisement, programs or publications that have a message that reduces the selling of one of its products. It is, in fact, going to advertise wherever it can in support of programs and publications that will sell more of its products. Advertising is simply a tool of capitalism. What GSK is doing in funding the documentary isn't really that different from what it does when it buys advertising for shows and articles that also support its products. That doesn't mean that what GSK is doing is any less bad. It just means that the 'badness' is broader than Dr. Tan depicts and GSK isn't alone in it.

Posted by: Patent Agent


If they were to agree that they ahve an interest or that they have a conflict; then it may not ne called a "documentary". Iys an adevertisement! Please underestand, there are legal implications here, not just moral ones!

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