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Divided we fall

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Posted by: Divided We Fall


Is this a result of the heretofore badly paid women finally being able to enter the workforce as almost equals to men? Those teachers in the late 19th and early to mid 20th century were the equials of the women CEOs, scientists, docters, lawyers, etc. of today. Now that we can actually find a job worthy of our skills and paying what we are worth, why teach for low wages in schools that are physically dangerous? considered to be a profession the equal of the law or medicine.

Posted by: Thinker


Notice in each "divided" society there is a ruling class whose fortunes are gathered off the backs of the enslaved class? Do you really think that the ruling class offspring are obtaining a decent education when it is one that is based in judgment and predation on the underprivileged? Its time we all open our eyes to the real source of divisiveness and take aim at the corrupt corporation/government connection sucking the life out of our children's future.

Posted by: How do we pay for quality education for all?


One challenge, in this increasingly expensive society, is how to pay high enough salaries to attract skilled and talented teachers to the schools which would otherwise be those "baby sitting services" to which you refer.

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