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Concerns Over the Cloning of a Neanderthal

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Posted by: C. J. Williams


My concern isn't over the ethics of cloning, but over the ethics of bringing sexual diverse organism back from its extinction without a mate. Whether they can have children can be controlled, but sexuality is a strong drive.

It's that much worse for an organism with a built in need to identify with others of its own kind in a socialogical structure. Knowing that you are the only one of your kind is extremely lonely and can have a negative psychological impact on the individual. Besides the implications, there is a scientific one as well.

Such an impact could affect the outcome of what you wish to accomplish in a very negative way. You won't get an accurate understanding of the mind of a Neanderthal if all they can think about is that they've been born into a world that pokes and prods them and treats them imperically without any understandign of them or their needs.

Bringing in prostitutes to have intercourse with the premative man would also be unethical. So, unless you also get a mate for the neanderthal, you're not only creating a greater ethical quagmire than necessary, but also sabotaging your own efforts before they even have a chance to take off.

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