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BIO-Europe 2009 Day 3

2 Readers' Comments

Posted by: EBD Group


As always, EBD Group appreciates GEN’s solid reporting from our events. To your closing point about moving BIO-Europe to a location in Eastern Europe, we are always interested in hearing from cities and regions that would like to host BIO-Europe, BIO-Europe Spring (and also, in Europe, EuroMedtech and BioEquity).

Our decision on where to hold an event is made on the basis of there being a relevant and thriving local biotech (or medtech) industry that is supportive of the event, a suitable venue (think of where to put all those partnering booths!) and the type financial package offered by the potential host.

We need to plan 2 to 3 years ahead, so the sooner we hear from prospective hosts the better we can evaluate their location.

Posted by: BIOtech Europe


This is a good summary of some of the companies and innovations presented by executives at the BIO-Europe 2009 event. Light Sciences Oncology seem to have a very interesting business.
It would also be good to see a new venue selected, my company Liftstream would really like to participate in an event in Eastern Europe where there are new talent markets.

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