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Aug. 1, Vol. 26, No. 14

    • Columns

      • German Biotechs Embrace Reverse Mergers
      • Many private German biotech companies are facing difficulties raising capital. In Germany, venture capital is increasingly only available to a small number of companies that receive relatively large funding. An IPO is an option to few German late-st ... more »
    • Feature Articles

      • Biomarker Discovery and Identification
      • Biomarkers, typically genetic or biochemical parameters, are used as characteristic indicators to measure outcomes. They have assumed increased importance in assessing drug toxicity effects in compound screens, in diagnostic assay development, and i ... more »
      • BioMarket Trends
      • Last year saw the global pharmaceutical market grow to $602 billion, up 7.7% from 2004. North America contributed 44.1% of global pharmaceutical sales in 2005. The three major pharmaceutical regionsNorth America, Europe, and Japanaccounted for 82.3% ... more »
      • Biopharmaceutical Approvals Review
      • This past year, the FDA broke its own record for biopharmaceutical approvals. Twenty one biopharmaceutical products received original FDA approval in 2005. There were 15 FDA approvals in 2004, 20 in 2003, 13 in 2002, 11 in 2001, and 12 in 2000. Biop ... more »
      • Development & Production of Antibodies
      • The capacity of large-scale antibody production facilities to meet the worldwide needs of the pharmaceutical industry remains a key issue. Wolfgang Berthold, Ph.D., CTO at Biogen Idec (www.biogen.com), was one of the speakers to address the question ... more »
      • Facilitating the Manufacturing of Oligos
      • Carol Potera
      • The approval of Macugen for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration by the FDA in December 2004 marked the introduction of the first commercially successful oligonucleotide therapeutic to the marketplace. Macugen contains a substituted RN ... more »
      • GEN Innovations in Biotechnology
      • In addition to developing new drugs to treat various human diseases, biotechnology is well known for spawning a plethora of novel instruments, tools, and techniques to discover and manufacture those unique therapeutics as well. Indeed, products and ... more »
      • Multidimensional Analysis Approaches
      • Gail Dutton
      • Multidimensional chromatography and analysis was a hot topic at "HPLC 2006". The belief, outlined in detail by Peter J. Schoenmakers, Ph.D., Van't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Amsterdam (www.uva.nl), is that we ... more »
      • TechNote: Antibiotic-Free Systems for Production
      • The use of antibiotic resistance markers to select for a successful genetic modification, such as a chromosomal insertion or a plasmid transformation, is common practice. However, with increasing stringency in manufacturing regulations it is essenti ... more »
      • TechNote: Ca2+ Signal Detection in HTS Operations
      • The bivalent ion Ca2+ is a critical second messenger involved in many physiological and signal transduction processes within a cell. The central role of Ca2+ in intracellular signalling, and its physical/chemical properties also makes it an attracti ... more »
      • Whither Steel & Glass in a Disposable Age
      • Increasingly popular single-use bioprocessing systems are undoubtedly taking market share from conventional glass and steel stirred reactors. Disposables are carving their niche in research to pilot-scale cell culture arena but for now, at least, co ... more »
    • Tutorials

      • Monoclonal Antibody Purification with CHT
      • Hydroxyapatite (HAP) is a crystalline material consisting of Ca2+ and PO43- groups in the lattice (Figure 1). Unlike other matrices used for liquid chromatography that are composed of reactive ligands affixed to the matrix, HAP is both the ligand an ... more »
      • Novel Technique for Biomarker Discovery
      • Biomarker discovery has become one of the major segments of proteomics research in academic, government, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical laboratories. The interest in biomarkers is being driven by the anticipation that they can be used for the det ... more »
      • Versatile Tag for Cell-Based Screening
      • Until recently, the principal way to study changes in cellular protein expression levels and perform protein functional analysis was by fluorescent reporter proteins combined with automated confocal imaging systems, both of which provide the basis f ... more »

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