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Jul. 1, Vol. 26, No. 13

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      • Disclosure Issues for Life Sciences Firms
      • Life sciences companies face difficult disclosure issues because they operate in a particularly complex and financially sensitive regulatory environment. Disclosure issues become increasingly important as life sciences companies tap into the public ... more »
      • Metrics for Economic Development
      • For decades we have attended international biotechnology conferences and marveled at the economic development-focused exhibitions. Even though only a small percentage of life sciences companies actually relocate to form companies away from their roo ... more »
      • Pre-Deal Leadership Due Diligence a Must
      • Scott Whitston was a shining star from the beginning of his career in biochemistry. He graduated at the top of his class and landed a coveted R&D job at a major biopharmaceutical company. Driven, Scott was an early standout at the lab where he w ... more »
      • Using Biotech Tools for Plant Breeding
      • Since it&#8217s founding in 1939, Hazera Genetics (www.hazera.co.il) has grown to become Israel&#8217s largest breeder, manufacturer, and supplier of hybrid vegetable and field crop seeds. The company is at the forefront in applying innovati ... more »
    • Feature Articles

      • Antiviral Research Hits Its Stride
      • Elizabeth Lipp
      • Antiviral research has been stymied for a long time by the fact that viruses, as recently as 10 years ago, were difficult to grow outside the human body. &#34It has really only been the last couple of years that the aspect of limiting technology ... more »
      • BioMarket Trends
      • More than 100 companies are developing or have developed antibody array and/or bead platforms. The competition is fierce, but progress in the field has been slow. A new market analysis report by D&MD Publications tries to pinpoint opportunities. ... more »
      • Combating the R&D Productivity Decline
      • Pharmaceutical productivity is down, partly because of the industry&#8217s own inefficiencies, according to Robert Ruffolo, Ph.D., president, R&D, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (www.wyeth.com), who spoke at the recent &#34Scrip R&D Productiv ... more »
      • Epitope Tagging Generates New Products
      • Epitope tags are proving to be an important tool for tracing the flow of biological molecules through living systems. An epitope (or antigenic determinant) is a biological structure or sequence, such as a protein or carbohydrate, recognized by an an ... more »
      • Market Growing for Custom-Made Peptides
      • Continued growth and a changing landscape characterize the custom peptides marketplace, as suppliers ramp up capacity to meet rising demand in both the research and therapeutics markets. With pharma increasingly focusing on biologics and moving pept ... more »
      • Protein Kinases in Signal Transduction
      • Protein kinases play a central role in many signaling pathways and are key effectors of cellular functions, such as cell proliferation and death. They are implicated in the etiology of many pathological conditions like cancer, central nervous system ... more »
      • Range of Applications for Biomagnetics
      • Gail Dutton
      • This month, Dexter Magnetic Technologies (www.dextermag.com) will ship the first SpeedSep 5000 Bulk Magnetic Separation Station. It also is introducing the LifeSep 5000 SX Magnetic Bead Separator and the LifeSep 1000 SX Magnetic Bead Separator, both ... more »
      • Spotlighting Neurobiotech Developments
      • The brain is poised to become the number-one target for drug development during the next decade. The neurotechnology market currently exceeds $100 billion, reported Zack Lynch and Casey Crawford Lynch of NeuroInsights (www.neuroinsights.com), publis ... more »
      • Targeting Biotech Institutional Investors
      • Most biotech executives are faced with a dual dilemma: dealing with the regulatory hurdles to win FDA product approval and ensuring a consistent flow of capital to fund the company&#8217s R&D efforts. There are no real shortcuts to navigati ... more »
    • Tutorials

      • Barcoding and Automated Electophoresis
      • GenVault&#8217s (www.genvault.com) 384-well GenPlate features biological barcodes incorporated into Whatman (www.whatman.com) FTA paper. These barcodes, referred to as GenCodes, are a combination of nonhuman oligonucleotide sets that differ in s ... more »
      • Getting More Value from Bioinformatics
      • The scientific method is an iterative process of making observations, creating hypotheses, making predictions, and then testing these predictions to further validate or disprove the hypothesis. However, to simplify today&#8217s complicated bioin ... more »
      • New Tools Improve Bioprocess Operations
      • The improvement of production processes to achieve commercially viable production levels is a prerequisite to any bioprocess. Large-scale industrial fermentation processes are continuously being bettered, resulting in improvements of, on average, 1& ... more »

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