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Dec. 1, Vol. 25, No. 21

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      • Biotech Posts Impressive Third Quarter Results
      • Despite the fact that the Burrill Biotech Select Index finished the month in negative territory, and biotech overall had a sub-par performance in September, the last month of the third quarter, and on into October, these disappointing numbers failed ... more »
      • PTO Utility Guidelines Receive Stamp of Approval
      • In re Fisher, decided September 7, 2005 by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, holds that ESTs usually will not be patentable unless the function of the corresponding gene is known or disclosed in the patent app ... more »
    • Feature Articles

      • Biosimilars Shake up the Biologics Market
      • Loss of patent protection now leads to a rapid decrease in sales for the innovators' branded small molecule drugs in the U.S. and, to a lesser extent, Europe. Exceptions in the U.S. include new branded indications (three years additional exclusi ... more »
      • Employment Trends in the Biotech Industry
      • It's a very aggressive hiring market right now, says John Radford, senior vp of Aon Consulting's Radford Survey group (San Jose, CA). The Radford Survey has been the leading indicator of compensation and employment trends in the biotechnolo ... more »
      • Fluoresence & Bioluminescence Enlighten R&D
      • As tools and techniques continue to improve, fluorescence and bioluminescence are playing increasingly important roles in assay development, the discovery and characterization of targets and leads, and high-content molecular and cellular pathway res ... more »
      • Industry Analysis of Discovery Informatics
      • From 2000 to 2003 the oceans of data generated by life science research were all anyone in drug discovery could talk about. Information management, be it bioinformatics, cheminformatics, or systems biology, was undoubtedly the next great step forwar ... more »
      • Mobilizing Nanomedicine Technologies
      • Nanotechnology is a "disruptive technology," which will drive a new generation of cancer diagnostic and therapeutic products and result in dramatically improved cancer outcomes, according to Piotr Grodzinski, Ph.D., program director for ca ... more »
      • Protein Microarrays
      • As protein arrays have become increasingly consistent and reliable, more scientists have begun to incorporate them into their proteomics experiments. Researchers are attracted by the technology's ability to detect protein expression quicker and ... more »
      • Strategies to Move Beyond Target Validation
      • Genomics and proteomics have made thousands of potential targets available to drug discovery researchers. These researchers utilize a number of target identification and validation technologies, ranging from comparative genomics to gene expression p ... more »
      • Taiwan Industry Puts Strong Focus on Biotech
      • Taiwan, first discovered in the 16th century by the Portugese who named it Formosa, or Beautiful Island, is now recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of electronics, chemicals, and medical supplies. In the early 1990s, the Taiwanese government targ ... more »
    • Tutorials

      • Parenteral Packaging Concerns for Drugs
      • Biotechnology promises treatments for many diseases previously thought to be intractable. Despite a significant effort at delivering biotherapeutics, peptides, and proteins through nontraditional means, injection remains the principal delivery syste ... more »
      • Simplified Development of FRET Assays
      • Molecular interaction is the decisive step in the vast majority of biological processes. Interactions between proteins, or between proteins and low molecular weight compounds, are therefore of interest for a wide range of pharmacological targets. Co ... more »
      • Using Multi-Pathway Target Knockdown
      • Treating complex, multifactorial diseases is one of the top challenges in clinical practice today. Like many other chronic diseases that burden the healthcare system, multiple signaling pathways are responsible for the variety of clinical symptoms o ... more »

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