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Nov. 15, Vol. 25, No. 20

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      • Advancing Viral Vector-Based Technology
      • Introgen Therapeutic's (Austin, TX) p53-based INGN 225 cancer vaccine yielded promising safety and efficacy results in a Phase II trial in advanced small cell lung cancer. The personalized therapeutic vaccine employs a patient's dendritic ce ... more »
      • Chiral Chemistry Aids Drug Development
      • Gail Dutton
      • Chiral technology has advanced from the days of Pasteur's separations of single enantiomers by tweezers to automated systems and chiral catalysts, with the result that most drugs today are synthesized from single isomers. Consequently, dangerous ... more »
      • Scotland Pursues Stem Cell Excellence
      • Scotland-based Stem Cell Sciences (SCS; www.stemcellsciencesltd.com) signed an exclusive agreement with Chemicon International (www.chemicon.com) last month for the manufacture and marketing of SCS' embryonic stem (ES) cell growth media for the ... more »
      • Tissue Models Boost Drug Discovery Efforts
      • R&D costs for each new drug on the market are estimated to be $800 million. Traditional molecular screening, although high-throughput, does not provide information about the effects of test compounds on cellular functions. Also, 2-D cell culture ... more »
    • FDA News and Analysis

      • The FDA Inspection Process as a Learning Tool
      • FDA inspections cause fear among some and apprehension amongst others. Such inspections often result in a disruption of activities and may result in a negative action taken by the federal government. These actions can result in seizure, a consent de ... more »
    • Tutorials

      • Optimizing Your Process Unit Operations
      • As the bioprocess industry grows, and more products work their way through clinical trials toward approval, commercial production becomes important to supply the market with product. A safe, reliable, and optimized process that minimizes cost of goo ... more »
      • Platforms for Eicosanoid Measurements
      • Immunoassay technology has advanced considerably since the era when all assays were performed in glass test tubes with dangerous radioactive tracers over a period of several days. The microtiter plate is ubiquitous, and its standard 96-well version ... more »
      • Protein Identification and Quantification
      • A variety of stable isotope reagents have been developed for relative quantification in proteomics, including ICAT, SILAC, 18O, AQUA, and iTRAQ1,2,3. Most methods enable quantification in the full MS scan and peptide identification based on subseque ... more »

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Scientifically Studying Ecstasy

MDMA (commonly known as the empathogen “ecstasy”) is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, which is reserved for compounds with no accepted medical use and a high abuse potential. Two researchers from Stanford, however, call for a rigorous scientific exploration of MDMA's effects to identify precisely how the drug works, the data from which could be used to develop therapeutic compounds.

Do you agree that ecstasy should be studied for its potential therapeutic benefits?

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