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Oct. 1, Vol. 25, No. 17

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      • A Step Forward for Biotechnology Patent Law
      • An August 12, 2005, decision by the Federal Circuit (the federal court that hears patent-related appeals) bodes well for those who wish to patent biotech inventions. The decision concerns a dispute that started as a priority contest (called an inte ... more »
      • Diabetes: Potential Breakthroughs in Therapy
      • Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic with an estimated 18.2 million people affected in the U.S. and 194 million worldwide as of 2002. Prevalence has increased steadily in the past 20 years, and over one million new cases are diagnosed anually. This ... more »
      • Proposition for a New and Better Model for Healthcare
      • I can not be the only person a little disappointed and frustrated with the fragmentation, volatility, and short-termism of what society calls its current global strategic agendas. In some cases these agendas seem to be at best, self-interested, in o ... more »
    • Feature Articles

      • Biotechnology in Australia and New Zealand
      • Longtime archrivals on the cricket and rugby fields, New Zealand and Australia have begun to look beyond competition toward collaborating for the sake of biotechnology. In June 2005, AgResearch (Auckland), New Zealand's chief livestock research ... more »
      • Contract Manufacturing Fills Industry Niche
      • Auxilium Pharmaceuticals (www.auxilium.com) and Cobra Biomanufacturing (www.cobrabio.com) recently signed an agreement for the scale up and GMP manufacture of Phase II/III clinical supplies of Auxilium's AA4500, a novel protein drug and potentia ... more »
      • GEN Talks with President Bill Clinton
      • Former President Bill Clinton remains committed to the battle against HIV/AIDS. He has made it a focal point of the work of his Clinton Foundation. President Clinton has said that until we combat the pandemic in the developing world, where more tha ... more »
      • Linking Discovery Data to Diagnostics
      • Elizabeth Lipp
      • As biomarker research and development gains traction, many companies seek to accomplish a couple goals: to distinguish oneself from competitors, and to refine the means of targeting diseases and their associated genes to maximize their R&D dolla ... more »
      • Manipulation and Analysis of Nucleic Acids
      • The growing interest in molecular diagnostics as well as genomic and gene-expression analysis is accelerating demand for products related to manipulation and analysis of nucleic acids. Since nucleic acid isolation is among the most technically dema ... more »
    • Tutorials

      • Achieving Optimal Yields of High Quality RNA
      • Obtaining high-quality RNA is perhaps the most critical step in many molecular biology experiments, including RT-PCR, microarrays, Northern analysis, nuclease protection assays, RNA mapping, in vitro translation, and cDNA library construction. ... more »
      • How do Bacteria Turn Their Genes On and Off?
      • Despite recent advances in our understanding of the genome, there are still large gaps in our knowledge of the basic biology involved in gene expression. A particularly important question remains: what exactly causes a cell to make a protein? The m ... more »
      • Manufacturing of Biopharmaceutical Proteins
      • One of the challenges in downstream processing is the design of robust process steps to efficiently isolate instable products, such as recombinant proteins, from complex fermentation broths to the required pharmaceutical degree of purity. Downstream ... more »

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