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Jan. 1, Vol. 25, No. 1

    • Columns

      • Clinical Data at ASH Boon to Wall St. Analysis
      • Wall Street analysts crowded the "46th Annual American Society of Hematology" (ASH) meeting in San Diego in December intent on learning about drugs in late-stage trials for treating various forms of leukemia. Results from clinical studies ... more »
      • Drug Importation Equals Bad Public and Economic Policy
      • The public policy debate over the importationor reimportation if the drugs were actually made in the U.S., sold and shipped to another country, and then sold and shipped back to individual customers in the U.S.of prescription drugs has generally foc ... more »
      • Legal Uses of a Patented Invention in the U.S.
      • There has been a substantial amount of attention paid in recent months to the issue of making information on clinical studies of marketed pharmaceuticals publicly available. The original catalyst was a highly publicized settlement of fraud charges ... more »
    • Feature Articles

      • Druggability: Prime Real Estate of the Genome
      • There are numerous steps between the mapping of the genome and the development of a drug for a particular disease. Someone must sift through the data, identify potential target genes, screen and validate those targets, then find compounds which anta ... more »
      • Obtaining High-Quality Protein Crystals
      • There are an estimated one million different protein molecules expressed by the human genome, representing a plethora of potential new drug targets. Crystallography provides a way to "look" at the arrangement of atoms inside of proteins, d ... more »
      • Progress in Vaccine and Gene Therapy Strategies
      • The flu vaccine shortage plaguing the U.S. this year has drawn considerable media attention, public criticism, and finger-pointing, yet the fact remains that with the 2005 flu season approaching its peak, new flu vaccine producers, novel and cost-ef ... more »
      • Vioxx and Celebrex Bring Heat to the FDA
      • Gail Dutton
      • The FDA remains firm that it did nothing wrong in its post-marketing review of Vioxx. Critics are equally adamant, citing a systemic failure within the FDA that allowed a medication to remain on the market despite studies indicating the need for ser ... more »

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