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Jan. 15, Vol. 34, No. 2

    • Point of View

      • Overturning Conventional Wisdom
      • Henry Gee, Ph.D.
      • The study of human evolution stands on a cusp. A discipline that once depended on the study of bones, teeth and artefacts is, just now, being given added color and meaning by molecular genetics. It’s now possible to sketch evolutionary relationshi ... more »
    • Feature Articles

      • Ensuring Biospecimen Quality
      • MaryAnn Labant
      • Biorepositories provide access to a vast array of biospecimens, which are rapidly becoming crucial resources in drug discovery and development. These biospecimens must be of high quality to ensure the results attained are reliable and reproducible ... more »
      • Progress in Stem Cell Pluripotency
      • Vicki Glaser
      • The stem cell world finds itself at a critical juncture as the new year begins. That’s the view of Paul Knoepfler, Ph.D., associate professor at the UC Davis School of Medicine. Last month he moderated one of the sessions at the Genetics Policy Inst ... more »
    • Tutorials

    • Corporate Profile

      • Ariana’s Analytics Aim at Predictive Power
      • Gail Dutton
      • Ariana Pharma exhaustively mines and analyzes multiparametric data (biochemical, genomic, proteomic, genetic, metabolic, imaging, clinical, etc.) to identify patient responders and reduce clinical and drug development risks. The process generates ac ... more »
    • BioMarket Trends

      • Setting Sights on Ocular Disorders
      • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the leading causes of blindness. There are two forms of AMD—wet and dry. Currently, the majority of therapeutics being developed are for wet AMD ( Figure ). The standard therapy for wet AMD is anti-VE ... more »
    • Insight & Intelligence™

      • GEN’s List of Top Pharma and Biotech Firms
      • GEN’s list of the top 15 pharma companies and top 25 biotech companies has been updated for 2014. The latest top pharma company list features all 15 of the companies that made the last-published GEN List on the topic—although inevitably some of th ... more »
    • Assay Tutorials

      • Improving upon Monochromator Technology
      • E. J. Dell
      • When choosing an instrument such as a microplate reader that needs to filter a broadband excitation source into monochromatic wavelengths of light, there were always two options: Optical filters that use thin layer interference coatings on glass to ... more »


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