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Apr. 1, Vol. 33, No. 7

      • Advertorial: Axeq Technologies
      • Axeq Technologies, a U.S. based division of Macrogen, is a premium brand for human resequencing that launched in February 2011. We offer publication-level next-generation sequencing data that is powered by the legacy of profound genomic research and ... more »
      • Advertorial: Swift Biosciences
      • Swift Biosciences is a fast-moving company focused on developing enabling technologies and products for genomics and personalized medicine. Our technologies provide customers with powerful new methods to examine disease-related genes. Our products a ... more »
      • Advertorial: United States Pharmacopeial Convention
      • The United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) is dedicated to improving the health of people around the world through public standards and related products and services that help ensure the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines. As biologic d ... more »
      • Exploiting Folate Pathways to Treat Cancer
      • Carol Potera
      • Endocyte designs targeted small molecule drug conjugates (SMDCs) for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. All of the company’s SMDCs also come with a companion diagnostic imaging agent that helps to predict which patients will benefit most fr ... more »
      • People in the News
      • Archie Cullen is now president of BioReliance by SAFC. Formerly, he was vp of SAFC. Cullen also served as vp of sales for SAFC where he was promoted from vp, commercial and technical operations for the company’s biosciences business unit. His career ... more »
      • The Scope of Prior Art Under AIA
      • Jay Pattumudi
      • Effective March 16, 2013, the scope of prior art will be affected by the provisions of U .S. Patent Reform Act (i.e., America Invents Act [AIA]). In this article, AIA provisions will be compared with those of European and Japanese patent law. An i ... more »
      • Top 20 Biopharma R&D Spenders
      • Big biopharma still spent big on research and development in 2012, but pharmaceutical and biotechnology giants are divided over how that spending compared with 2011, according to a GEN list of the 20 top R&D spenders for last year ( Table ). F ... more »
    • Feature Articles

      • Computational Bio Problem Solving
      • Josh P. Roberts
      • We are clearly on the verge of a revolution in medicine—one in which the sequence of As, Ts, Gs, and Cs is as much a part of a patient’s phenotypic profile as are the sounds of the heart or were the colors of the bile. Yet we are clearly not there y ... more »
      • Development and Evolution of PCR
      • Henry A. Erlich, Ph.D.
      • In the six decades since Watson and Crick identified the double helical structure of DNA, a series of elegant and powerful experiments has established the broad outlines of how genetic information is encoded, replicated, and expressed. In the 1980 ... more »
      • DNA @ 60: Where Are We Headed from Here?
      • John Sterling
      • When Watson and Crick in February 1953 discovered that the shape of the DNA molecule was a double helix, it was the first step in a life science revolution that reverberates now and will continue to do so into the future. Moreover, the publication o ... more »
      • ENCODE-ing the Future
      • Ian Dunham, Ph.D.
      • In three back-to-back papers and five pages of the April 25, 1953, issue of Nature , seven authors laid out the evidence and interpretation that established the double helical structure of DNA. As ever though, the world and science moves on. DNA, ... more »
      • Predicting Drug Toxicity in Humans
      • Sridhar Nadamuni
      • Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. In the U.S. alone, 2.2 million serious ADRs are reported annually in the hospitalized population, with over 100,000 deaths. Models that better predict a drug’s efficacy ... more »
      • Scaling Up Peptide Drugs
      • Vicki Glaser
      • The peptides sector of the biotechnology industry has ridden out the global economic challenges of recent years largely on the strength of existing and advancing peptide projects in pharma pipelines and continuing demand for peptides in a range ... more »
    • Tutorials

      • Flexible qPCR Assay Assembly
      • Real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) is widely used throughout drug discovery to examine gene expression in response to drug stimuli. The technique is often used to confirm endogenous gene expression levels determined by a less se ... more »

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