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September 15, Vol. 29, No. 16

  • Feature Articles

    • Vaccine Production Shifts to High Gear
    • Vicki Glaser
    • In today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving global vaccines market, companies are looking for techniques, technologies, and tools to optimize processes, accelerate the timeline for moving candidate vaccines into the clinic, and build flexibility into vaccine production All of these ... more »
    • Metabolic Profiling Crucial to Unveiling Cellula...
    • Richard A. Stein
    • Metabolomics provides a comprehensive quantitative analysis of small molecules and cellular pathways and a powerful instrument to monitor metabolic perturbations occurring during physiological processes or pathological changes While just years ago, technical limitations prevented more than one or a few ... more »
    • Quebec Eyes Biotech as Key Growth Sector
    • Vicki Glaser
    • Quebec, the “little city” on the St Lawrence River—little compared to its big sister 60 miles to the southwest, Montreal—is not only home to a wealth of history, spectacular scenery and architecture, and a taste of European culture, but is ... more »
    • 3-D Cell Culture for Discovery & Bioprocess
    • Nina Flanagan
    • Two key issues for the pharmaceutical industry include accuracy of predicting in vivo drug interactions, including toxicity, and the time/cost of drug development According to a 2007 report in Archives of Internal Medicine , the number of serious adverse and ... more »
    • HPLC Advances for Biomolecular Analysis
    • Susan Aldridge, Ph.D.
    • HPLC is at the heart of both downstream processing and research applications such as biomarker discovery New columns and systems for bioseparations and applications, including proteomics, metabolomics, and environmental and food analysis, were on display at “HPLC” held in Dresden ... more »
    • Research Reveals the Influence of miRNA
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • As key regulators of gene expression and cellular machinery, microRNAs may be the most significant discovery in molecular biology in the last decade Because of their enormous potential, Frost & Sullivan projects that current US microRNA revenues of about $20 ... more »
    • Strategies for Successful Formulation
    • Angelo DePalma
    • Next to the active ingredient, formulation is arguably the most critical component of a biopharmaceutical product Formulation scientists from leading biopharmaceutical companies, vendor firms, and universities will be discussing challenges in the field and sharing tips on overcoming those obstacles ... more »
    • In Defense of Virtual Development Models
    • Greg Dombal
      Lauren Sherman
    • Concepts like asset management, capital efficiency, value creation, and virtual development seem to dominate the planning and execution of drug development programs today Given the challenging financial environment, containing costs and maximizing the value of each development dollar is critical ... more »
  • Tutorials

    • Reproducible Dispensing of Live Cells
    • Sini Suomalainen
    • High-throughput cell-based assays are an integral part of the drug-screening process With the ability to automate and subsequently accelerate the entire process, high-throughput screening (HTS) allows researchers to conduct biochemical assays to rapidly identify active compounds, antibodies, or genes of ... more »
    • Stability Testing for Protein Therapeutics
    • David Gregson
      Lindsay Cole
    • In recent years, antibodies and recombinant proteins have become well-established pharmaceutical therapeutics because of their bioreactivity, specificity, safety, and overall success rates A prerequisite for their clinical application is the development of formulations where the proteins remain stable and correctly ... more »