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Nov. 1, Vol. 28, No. 19

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      • Biofuel Standards
      • The U.S. lacks the policies needed to ensure that cellulosic biofuel production will not cause environmental harm, says a distinguished group of international scientists. A paper published in the October 3 issue of Science urges decision makers to a ... more »
      • DNA Vaccines Meeting
      • The discovery, over a decade and a half ago, that genetically engineered DNA can be delivered as a genetically encoded immunogene into living animals and elicit an immune response, was the birth of the field of DNA vaccines. Since that time there ha ... more »
      • Firm Invests in New HIV Vaccine Strategy
      • Carol Potera
      • At least 30 vaccines for HIV are in clinical trials to either prevent HIV infection or suppress the development of AIDS. James Laufenberg, president and CEO of ImmunoGenetix Therapeutics, is working toward filing an IND for yet another HIV vaccine. ... more »
      • New Multiplex Approach for Rapid Diagnostics
      • Eppendorf Biochip Systems is developing a technology called RAP™ (Real-time Array PCR) or RAP-ID™ that combines the advantages of qPCR and microarrays, i.e., the multiplexing capabilities of microarrays with high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and ... more »
      • Preparing for a Shrinking Economic World
      • Daniel Ruppar
      • Much has been discussed in the last few weeks about how the current financial crisis gripping Wall Street will trickle down and affect other industries. Clearly, the average American by now fully understands the danger of cheap debt—this is no diffe ... more »
      • Quo Vadis Biofuels Projects?
      • Michael Koeris,
      • Biofuels are at a crossroads. The economy is spiraling downward and oil prices have dipped below $90 a barrel for the first time since October 2007—which doesn’t mean that oil is getting cheap again, just that a general contraction of the economy ha ... more »
      • Removing Antigen Discovery Guesswork
      • Carol Potera
      • Big pharmaceutical companies generally shy away from vaccine development because it takes even longer to take new vaccines to market than it does new drugs. Also, profits tend to be lower on vaccines. Genocea Biosciences a biotechnology startup in ... more »
      • Critical Issues When Selecting a CMO
      • Eric S. Langer
      • Most CMOs and biopharmaceutical manufacturers can say from personal experience that current in-house manufacturing capacity is insufficient to meet expected demand for new biotherapeutics. Since the industry recognizes that its future depends on a s ... more »
      • Identifying Biochemical Threats Earlier
      • Gail Dutton
      • Biological and chemical threats are not confined to the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 2001. A pound of sodium cyanide, with the potential to injure or kill hundreds of people, was found in a downtown Denver hotel last August, as party lumina ... more »
      • qPCR Methods Expand Rapidly
      • David Daniels, Ph.D.
      • The annual “qPCR Symposium USA” cohosted by Intelligent Enterprise Solutions and the tataa biocenter will be held later this month in California. The symposium will focus on high-throughput platforms, single-cell qPCR, multimarker diagnostics, real- ... more »
      • Waging a Multipronged Alzheimer’s War
      • Vicki Glaser
      • Therapeutic drug discovery targeting Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a wide open field, as this progressive neurodegenerative disorder presents various structural and biochemical abnormalities that could serve as drug targets. The etiologic origin for ... more »
    • Tutorials

      • Automating Cell Culture Operations in R&D
      • Lara Marchetti
      • Cell-based assays are one of the most important techniques in drug discovery and toxicology screens, facilitating in vivo analysis of promising drug compounds or toxic agents. Researchers are increasingly adopting a cell-based approach to their drug ... more »
      • mRNA Analysis with Next-Gen Sequencing
      • Gary Schroth
      • For more than a decade microarrays have been the tool of choice for analyzing the transcriptome. With the advent of next-generation sequencing technologies and decreasing costs per base, a new approach—mRNA-Seq, the sequencing of full length cDNAs—h ... more »
      • Using Microdosing to Enhance Development
      • Graham Johnson
      • For a biotech company seeking to discover and develop novel drugs, microdosing offers an opportunity to reduce risk, cost, and the time required to confirm acceptable pharmacokinetics (PK) in man. Microdosing is a technique whereby experimental comp ... more »

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